Friday, July 25, 2014

Calydonian Boar and Upcoming

QuasarDragon Games will soon be releasing our first adventure, PO1, but in the meantime, here is a new monster for any old school role-playing campaign. It may or may not appear in any future QD products.  In addition to the normal open game content usage, you may use the text and art, if you like, as long as you give me (Dave Tackett) credit and provide a link to Quasar Dragon Games.

Calydonian Boar

Frequency:               Unique
No. Encountered:     1
Size:                         Large
Move:                       150 ft
Armour Class:           0
Hit Dice:                    14 (100 hp)
Attacks:                     1
Damage:                   5d6
Special Attacks:        None
Special Defenses:     See below
Magic Resistance:     75%
Lair Probability:        Nil
Treasure:                   None
Intelligence:              Low
Alignment:                Chaotic evil
Level/XP:                  9/5850+18/hp
Source:                     Greek Mythology

"Swift as the word, she sped the boar away, / With charge on those devoted fields to prey. / No larger bulls th' Aegyptian pastures feed, / And none so large Sicilian meadows breed." Ovid - Metamorphoses.

First sent by the the goddess Artemis to lay waste to Calydon in Aetolia after its king neglected to honor her, the calydonian boar was killed, but could easily be recreated by her or any other vengeful deity. The size of a large rhinoceros, this boar is destruction incarnate. It exists to destroy anything and everything within its range, starting with animals, but sparing neither plants nor man-made objects.  It does not eat, drink, or sleep. 

The calydonian boar can only be hit by weapons of +1 or greater, regenerates 3 hit points per round, and is immune to spells that target "animals" as well as all mind influencing spells (Charm, Sleep, Hold, etc.) except illusions. The boar is immune to natural fire and takes only half damage from magical fire. It can breathe fire, but does not use this ability in combat, using it only to destroy crops and buildings.

The original calydonian boar was slain in a great hunt in which many of the great heroes of the time took part. This could be recreated to allow the PCs to meet potential friends and rivals.

Original art by Fedor Flinzer, modified by Dave Tackett.

All monster statistics are Open Game Content, including, but not limited to, the stat block from “frequency” through “source.” All references to spells, and other pre-existing open game content referred to in the text is Open Game Content.

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