Monday, January 26, 2015

Status Update

It has been a rough few months here at QDG, but things are finally back to normal (I hope.). The fifth QDG product, PO-2, is about halfway finished and allowing for play-testing, should be available sometime in February.  The module that was to be FM-3 was a seasonal adventure and has been delayed indefinitely. However, there will be more FM series adventures before then. As for the blog here, posts are resuming, but it has a been a bit too long of a delay to continue the section by section review of 5E D&D.

As of now, there are four QD products available, three of which are pay what you want. Two these have been reviewed elsewhere and links are provided to the full reviews.   

Treatise of Twisted Terrors
The first QuasarDragon Games product is collection of 70 new and re-imagined monsters for your OSR games. Currently only $2.

"At $2, this is really a steal. A" - OSR News and Reviews.

PO-1 The Stolen Child
The pleasant town of Sligo has its tranquility shattered when a young boy vanishes in the middle of the night. Investigating the disappearance, the characters discover lost ruins and an ancient plot for revenge and a long forgotten enemy of humanity. Will the characters be able to rescue the stolen child or will a cruel, wronged race be able to wreak vengeance on all humanity? An OSR compatible module for any old school RPG or modern clone, designed for character levels 7-9. Pay what you want (suggested price $2)

FM-1 Baba Smerta
As night falls on the marsh and the fog blankets the land, the people of the surrounding villages lock their doors and pray that they will be overlooked by the minions of Baba Smerta. For nearly three generations they have suffered her tortures and humiliations. When one of her raiding parties takes on the PCs, though, have they bitten off more than they can chew? Will this long reign of terror finally come to an end? Suggested for levels 5-6. Pay what you want (suggested price $0.50)

"like something the should have appeared in an early issue of Dragon magazine, a ten page concise adventure module that centers itself on the challenges that surround and center on Baba Smerta & her domains [...]  makes excellent uses of its elements, themes, and more to really give a unique and some what unsettling old school adventure" - Swords & Stitchery.

FM-2 The Tomb (or Temple) of Asibare.
Lying undisturbed for ages, this accursed tomb is discovered by the characters and a great evil is encountered. Will they survive this brush with darkness or will they become its latest victims. An OSR compatible module for any old school RPG or modern clone, The Temple/Tomb of Asibare is designed for character levels 2-4 or an especially harrowing first level. Pay what you want (suggested price $1.95)

And finally, there is some very minor errata.
Errata:  Treatise of Twisted Terrors, The Stolen Child, and Baba Smerta all should read "advanced version of the game" instead of "classic version of the game" in the boxed text of their title pages.